These instructions assume that you have all necessary software requirements installed and running.


Install LabTools3 only after you have installed Anaconda or any other python distribution you want to use.

There are several methods available for installation:

  1. Download the installation script

  2. You can download the LabTools3 package from After downloading, extract the LabTools3 zip file which most likely resides in your Downloads folder. In Windows it is important that you really extract the file (select extract all) and not just look at the contents of the zip file.

Installation using Anaconda

Start Spyder and, using the file explorer, go to the directory (or folder) where you extracted the LabTools file.


Figure 1: Select directory where you extracted the LabTools

If you selected moethod 1 above, select the directory where the script is located and execute it by doing %run install_labtools

If you selected downloading the zip file go to the directory where the extracted LabTools are located as shown in Fig. 1 enter the command %run install (red ellipse in the figure). This will install the software. Restart spyder and you are ready to use the LabTools3.

Now you should be ready to do the start the tutorial.