Analysis Information


Current version of ESPACE can be found here: espace (special E01020 release 00)

Important: since the readout of the TOF TDCs between the spectrometers is slightly different for Q1/Q2 compared to Q3 I created 2 versions of interpret_event_coin.f to take this into account. Therefore if you have to compile ESPACE make sure that you set the proper link in espace_halla: ln -s interpret_event_coin_q12.f interpret_event_coin.f for the analysis of Q1 and Q2 files and do ln -s interpret_event_coin_q3.f interpret_event_coin.f. I would also label the executables accordingly.

Updated databases:


Database Link


Q1 running

Q1 database (6/1/04)

Scintillator offsets, TOF offsets, Optics, to, Fpp, VDC tdc offsets, BPM

Q2 running

Q2 database (6/1/04)

Scintillator offsets, TOF offsets, Optics, to, Fpp, VDC tdc offsets, BPM

Q3 running

Q3 database (6/1/04)

Scintillator offsets, TOF offsets, Optics

I maintain the databases within POSTGRES. The format used by ESPACE is generated by a script. If you want to add or modify entries, it is often useful to write a script that updates the values in POSTGRES. If you need information on how to do this I can give you examples or maybe even generate a script. For this I use PYTHON. In this way I can compare versions and have a consistent ASCII format.

Support Files:

R-function files:

this directory needs to be located in the directory where you are running ESPACE: RFN data files These are the same files that are used in MCEEP. However you have to set links in order that ESPACE reads the right files. ESPACE expects a directory stucture as follows:


Leftarm data files: this is a link pointing to the corresponding directory for the collimator used: e.g we used no collimator therefore we should have ./rfndat/leftarm pointing to rfndat_2002/leftam/no-collimator.


Same as above but for the right arm.

root_rfn : r-functions for root. For an example check the 2 macros in the macros subdirecory


additional offsets from TOF optimization, this works ONLY with the above ESPACE version: TOF files . It is important that one uses the right files. In the TOF directory there is a small scipt call use. It sets the link. e.g. If you are analyzing q2 data you should do the following in the TOF directory: ./use tof_offsets_q2.dat. This sets the link in this directory. If you forget this then the TOF for coincidences will most likely not be optimal.


Raster files: